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The novel is considered one of the most important modern literary arts as a formation of life by relying on human events performed by characters interacting with the events and the medium in which they revolve to reach a social, political, philosophical, or other conclusion. The novel has a high position in Arabic literature in the modern era, as this literary genre was able to reach the top in a short period of time, and even compete with the art of poetry among the Arabs.

The Arabic novel appeared at the beginning of the modern era after the contact of Arab culture with Western culture, and this was through missions to Europe and the translation of some fictional works into Arabic, and the movement of authorship of the Arab entity for the novel came after the movement of translation, and this was according to the social, economic and cultural situation, and all these cases follow the ruling political conditions. Hence the need for writers appeared to narrate contemporary events. The writers did not stop at the imaginary thought of presenting the events of their time, rather they began to treat the social reality of man through the ideas that they presented in their literary works. They push the people of their country to stand up to those who rob them of their rights. Thus, the fictional work carries with it a real issue. This conference is an attempt by the Department of Arabic Language, Allama Iqbal Open University to contribute in shedding more light on the transformations, growth, and development of the modern Arabic novel, so we hope your participation in this subject.

Prof. Dr. Nasir Mahmoud

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